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Hotel - Visa

Hotel and visa arangements for Beijing

For the ICGA events in Beijing, all participants traveling from outside China will be staying at the Tianhu International Conference Center, and full services are provided there. Please visit the hotel’s web site:


The reason for accommodating participants in the Tianhu International Conference Center, (also called “Beijing Sky-Line Resort”), instead of the golf and country club (as announced last year) is that the golf and country club cannot accommodate the many people who are planning to participate in our events. The Beijing Sky-Line Resort, i.e. Tianhu International Conference Center is a four star hotel. The event sponsor, Beijing Longlife Group, will provide transportation between the hotel and the event venue.

Standard Room330 Yuan/Night11 or 2
Lake Scene Room350 Yuan/Night11 or 2
Luxurious Apartment1500 Yuan/Night11
Japanese-style Villa2500 Yuan/Night47
European-style Villa4000 Yuan/Night69
American-style Villa3200 Yuan/Night58 or 10

Buffet breakfast30 Yuan/Person
West-style buffet breakfast60 Yuan/Person

NOTE that the current rate of exchange is 1 Yuan = 0.092 Euro. The hotel can not accept bookings from outside China so all room reservations for the ICGA participants and their traveling companions must be made via the national organizing committee. Please make your reservation by filling in the form below and e-mailing it to Professor XinHe Xu:


with copies to:

hellemon@micc.unimaas.nl and chuhao@ise.neu.edu.cn

Hotel Reservation Form: ICGA Events – Beijing
(September 27th – October 5th 2008)

Your name: _______________________________________

Name(s) of all accompanying persons: ________________________________________

Date of arrival in Beijing: _______________________________

Flight number, city of origin and time of arrival: ________________________________

Date of departure from Beijing: __________________________

Flight number, destination and time of departure: ______________________

Category of room(s) requested:     Standard
     Lake Scene
     Luxurious apartment
     Japanese-style villa
     European style villa
     American style villa

Getting there

Please show this map to the taxi driver, so he can drive you to the Sky-line Resort. You need to print it out, and take it with you.

The distance between airport to Shy-line Resort is about 80 km and will cost about RMB 250 Yuan (approximately 25 Euro or 35 Dollar). So you need to exchange some Chinese currency in advance.

From the hotel to conference center, it is about 4 km, 10 yuan by taxi and 5 min. From the hotel to downtown, it is about 40 km, 100 yuan by taxi and 1 hour.


The Chinese embassy or consulate that issues your visa will need to see proof that you have booked accommodation in China for the duration of your stay. Once you have made your room reservation and it has been confirmed by the hotel, you can then use that confirmation when you apply for your tourist visa.

We urge you to apply for your visa in good time. As you can understand, the visa offices will be extremely busy during the next several weeks.


For the rest day (October 2) our hosts have kindly arranged an excursion. We will visit the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, the National Stadium (dubbed the "Bird's Nest"), and the Water Cube.

We look forward to seeing you in Beijing.