ICGA Turniere

Turniere zwischen computer programme: Schach, Draughts, Checkers, Go, Backgammon, und mehr
Start / Programme / Hitech


Team Mitglieder

Hans Berlinerengine programmer
Chris McConnellengine programmer


Schach, 1995, Shatin243.05
Hitech B*Schach, 1992, Madrid223.05
Schach, 1989, Edmonton243.55
Schach, 1986, Köln224.05


Description given in 1995:

Hitech is a chess machine with special purpose hardware that is capable of evaluating 120,000 positions per second. The hardware is controlled by a SUN 4 workstation running either a brute force or selective search engine. Originally built in 1985 at Carnegie Mellon University, Hitech has since won several computer-computer and human-computer tournaments. Its primary purpose is supporting research into new search techniques. Active research includes a new selective search algorithm and techniques for automatically constructing better evaluation functions.