ICGA Turniere

Turniere zwischen computer programme: Schach, Draughts, Checkers, Go, Backgammon, und mehr
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Team Mitglieder

Martin Hirschengine programmer


Schach, 1999, Paderborn303.57
MChess 7.0Schach, 1997, Paris347.011
MChess Pro 5.0Schach, 1995, PaderbornWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion348.011
MChess Pro XSchach, 1993, München285.59
MChess ProSchach, 1992, Madrid222.55
Schach, 1991, Vancouver155.57


Description given in 1999:

This is the latest version of M-Chess Professional which has many computer chess achievements including First Place in the 1995 World Micro-computer Championship and beating three grandmasters in one event at Aegon, 1995. This program uses comprehensive evaluations, and unique algorithms to detect long-range tactics. It has a dynamic playing style and is known for its exciting play and excellent results against strong human opponents.