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Chrilly Donningerengine programmer


Chess, 2000, London145.09
Chess (Blitz), 2000, London108.59
Chess, 1999, Paderborn304.57
Nimzo 3Chess, 1996, Jakarta277.511
Nimzo 3Chess, 1995, Paderborn347.511
Nimzo GuernicaChess, 1993, Munich286.09
Nimzo GuernicaChess, 1992, Madrid221.55
Chess, 1991, Maastricht72.57


Description given in 1999:

Nimzo is one of the leading professional chess programms. It combines sound positional play with extremly strong tactics. Nimzo-Paderborn is a considerable improved version of the currently commercially available programms Nimzo98, Nimzo99 and Nimzo2000.

Nimzo-Paderborn learns automatically from human grandmaster games. It is also equipped with an own Chess-Advice-Language (Che++) which allows strong human players to formulate chess-knowledge. The programm can also access in its search endgame databases. It therefore searches regularly from the middlegame into won endgames.