FDG18 - Call for Competitions

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FDG18 - Call for Competitions

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The Foundations of Digital Games 2018 (FDG18) Organizing Committee invites proposals for new competitions. Proposals are due by February 28, 2018, and will be reviewed based on their relevance to the FDG community. The competitions involve well-known games, defining a set of rules and objectives for determining the score of each player. Some examples of competition are:

the General Video Game AI competitions
Angry Birds Level Generation
Computer Game Olympiads (including Chess, Amazons, Backgammon, Bridge, Chinese Chess, Dots and Boxes, Draughts, Go, LOA, Shogi, …)
Dota2 Bot
Fighting Game AI
Game Data Mining
General Video Game AI
Geometry Friends Cooperative Game AI
microRTS AI
Ms. Pac-Man Vs Ghost Team
Showdown AI
StarCraft AI
Text-Based Adventure AI
Visual Doom AI.

Please, contact the competition chair (jialin.liu@qmul.ac.uk) to send your proposal. The final decision will be made before March 5, 2018.

Please, include the following information with your proposal:

Organizers’ names.
Competition title.
Description of the competition (no more than 200 words).
Web address.

The following competitions have already been confirmed, and will hosted be at FDG 2018:

The Two-player General Video Game AI Competiton
Organizers: Raluca D. Gaina, Diego Perez Liebana, Simon M. Lucas
Description: The GVG-AI Competition explores the problem of creating controllers for general video game playing. How would you create a single agent that is able to play any game it is given? Could you program an agent that is able to play a wide variety of games, without knowing which games are to be played? The Two-Player track brings the additional challenge of competing or cooperating with another intelligent agent. This track will count 50 two-player games for training, 10 for validation and 10 for test to compute the final rankings.
Web address: www.gvgai.net

Settlement Generation in Minecraft Competition.
Organizers: To be announced
Description: To be announced

Important deadlines for competition proposals:
Submissions: February 28, 2018
Notifications: March 5, 2018

Check all the details here: http://fdg2018.org/

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