C++ Programmers Needed for Metroid-Like Multiplayer Game

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C++ Programmers Needed for Metroid-Like Multiplayer Game

Post by Mousse420 » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:09 am

Team name:
Sovereign Studios

Project name:
Huns of the Hunted

Brief description:
A brand-new game designed to appeal to metroid fans, while taking many ideas from many other great games and expanding on the gameplay we all love in previously unseen ways. HOTH is heavily inspired by Super Metroid and is designed to channel the love and soul usually reserved for fan games, into something more original we can claim true ownership of.

Target aim:
Freeware is planned, with Shareware being a possibility we may discuss as a team.

This is a free project so monetary compensation will likely not be available. Credit for your work is always a given and we have a democratic team structure in which we try to keep everyone happy and feeling like they are being treated fairly.

C++ running in windows. 3D models created using 3D Studio Max. Reason software used for sound editing/music composition.

Talent needed:
Art Lead - We are interested in having someone take over as the Art Lead, someone who can coordinate the rest of the art team, help unify all of our content and integrate it into the final product.

3D Animator - We need a team member devoted to and in charge of animation. Making your own models is welcome as well.

Full-Time Modeler - While we have three great 3D modelers, all are part-time contributors. We will need at least one skilled 3D modeler on our team who can fully devote themselves to helping with the project. Duties will involve managing models provided by the other artists as well as possibly providing models of your own.

Programmers - The position of Lead Programmer has just been filled, but additional help in this area will definitely be welcome. We will probably need a programmer devoted entirely to writing the game's editor, since we want it to be well made, robust and easy to use.

Team structure:
Art Team:
Teterankevich Alexandr (3D Modeler)
Woo Suk Lee (3D Modeler)
Oleg Shubin (3D Modeler)
Sarah Solomon (Concept Artist)
Stengner (Concept Artist
Rae Goss (Concept Artist)

Coding Team:
Tobey Oelschlaegel (Lead Programmer)
Diego Bustamante (Part Time Programmer)

Design Team:
Sam Hensel (Project Coordinator, Game & Map Design)
Christian "SiebZehN" Müller (Music Composer)

Coming soon.

I prefer to be contacted via MSN, Gmail, Yahoo or AIM/ICQ

MSN: xylon420@hotmail.com
AIM: Mousse420POOP
YIM: mousse420
email: mousse420@gmail.com

Previous Work by Team:
Our most experienced member is WooSukLee, being a 6 year veteran and having crafted 3D models for the commercial games War Rock, Sun Online and the soon-to-be-released Mobile Ops for Xbox 360, among others.

I myself previously worked on the fangame Super Metroid Classic, now defunct.

Teterankevich Alexandr and Oleg Shubin have been involved in other projects previously, but I need to refresh my memory as to specifically what they were. This will be edited later after I have a chance to talk to them again.

Stengner and Sesaka each have a presence on the website DeviantArt.com, where they are very productive and incrediblylo talented in their work. I have the utmost confidence in their abilities.

Additional Info:
Huns of the Hunted is a multiplayer focused 2.5D action-adventure game for Windows. Our chief inspiration is the classic 16-bit console title Super Metroid, with additional influence from other great games such as Soldat and Thievery, among others. Levels consist of large, self-contained cooperative or competitive (Team vs Team) scenarios, each with their own uniquely designed objectives.

To play as a human is just one of several choices. Several more playable races will be available, originating from throughout the galaxy and each with their own unique attributes and abilities. We have several great artists who have already put out excellent concept art for these new alien species.

Only bother contacting me/giving feedback if you can maintain a positive, can-do attitude. I do not consider simply telling me this cannot be done or suggesting that I spend 2 years learning to code myself, to be constructive criticism. I am only interested in dealing with winners. Saying you can't do something is most often the biggest thing keeping you from doing it.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon,

Sam @ Sovereign Studios 8)

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