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Rémi Coulom
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Advertising the GPF

Post by Rémi Coulom » Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:55 pm


Activity on the GPF has been very low lately. In order to keep the forum alive, we would need more paticipants.

I wrote an announcement of the forum for the June issue of the ICGA Journal, but it is not out yet :-) Since the Olympiad is over, I expect the ICGA people will have more time to finish this issue now. I'll try to have a link to this forum from the ICGA web page, too.

Maybe we could organize our online tournaments in order to create some activity ? I do not have a lot of time to invest into this. But if some members are motivated to organize something, I can help.

I am sure a lot of programmers who would enjoy this forum do not even know that it exists.


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