Tesis ideas about chess programming

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Tesis ideas about chess programming

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Hi everyone! I'm a masters student at university and I intend to write my tesis about chess. Do you sugest any theme? I think that already have enough ready engine, so, develop another one is not an original idea. Woud I make a comparative study betwen Machine Learning technics? Should I look for any pattern in somewere? Good ideas will be welcome! Thanks in advance! Vagner Vilela
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Re: Tesis ideas about chess programming

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Welcome to the forum.

If your academic advisor cannot provide you with a good topic, then I think the best approach is to start by studying something you like, and as you grow familiar with the domain, you'll be able to come up with original ideas of things to do by yourself.

Writing your own engine from scratch is never going to revolutionize science, and you won't beat stockfish. But it is very fun to do, and will teach you a lot of very valuable skills. I recommend doing it. Be sure to check the chess programming wiki:

The main question is whether you really want to continue with an academic career or not. If you really want to enter academia, then the most important skill is politics. Pick a topic that will get you to work with the most powerful and influential research group of your area. Chess is not likely to be a good topic at all from a political point of view.

Otherwise, I'd recommend to just have fun doing things you like and find meaningful. Also don't worry too much about producing something very original. The most productive and satisfying way of working is often to be humble and study what others do. And also develop your fundamental skills in programming, software engineering, statistics, etc.

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