Computers and Games 2022 conference, November 22-24

An abstract strategy board game for two players
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Computers and Games 2022 conference, November 22-24

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CG2022 will be held 22-24 November.
There are 4 invited talks and 15 papers.
Registration is free. You can receive Zoom URL.

4 invited talks
Murray Campbell (IBM T.J. Watson)
The Evolving Role of Games in AI

Matt Ginsberg (Google X)
What I Learned from Dr.Fill

Tao Qin (Microsoft Research AI4Science)
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Game Playing and Testing

Olivier Teytaud (Meta AI Research)
AI and Games: New Directions

15 papers.
4895 Xavier Blanvillain. Oware is Strongly Solved
5845 Todd Neller and Taylor Neller. FairKalah: Towards Fair Mancala Play
4010 Owen Randall, Ting-Han Wei, Ryan Hayward and Martin Mueller. Improving Search in Go Using Bounded Static Safety
6388 Yifan He and Abdallah Saffidine. QBF solving using Best First Search
5628 Tristan Cazenave. Batch Monte Carlo Tree Search
8996 Jos Uiterwijk and Lianne Hufkens. Solving Impartial SET using Knowledge and Combinatorial Game Theory
3778 Cameron Browne. Which Rules for Mu Torere?
5135 Stefan Edelkamp. Improving Computer Play in Skat with Hope Cards
6011 Matthew Stephenson, Dennis J. N. J. Soemers, Eric Piette and Cameron Browne. Measuring Board Game Distance
6383 Daniel Collins. Solving Chainmail Jousting
6430 Nathan Sturtevant. Chinese Checkers Bitboards for Move Generation and Ranking Using Bitboards and BMI2 pext and pdep Instructions
2958 Kyle Sacks and Brayden Hollis. An Algorithm for Multiplayer Games Exploiting Opponents Interactions with the Player
7302 Thijs Laarhoven and Aditya Ponukumati. Human and Computer Decision-Making in Chess with Applications to Online Cheat Detection
8029 Nathan Lervold, Gilbert Peterson and David King. Incentivizing Information Gain in Hidden Information Multi-Action Games
3876 Gaspard de Batz de Trenquelleon, Ahmed Choukarah, Milo Roucairol, Mauel Addoum and Tristan Cazenave. Procedural Generation of Rush Hour Levels

Computers and Games 2022
Schedule ... hedule.pdf
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