My game Alien Cookbook

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Michael Sherwin
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My game Alien Cookbook

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post on Game-AI Forum. For those of you that don't know me I am the author of RomiChess. RomiChess has successfully been using RL from January of 2006.

On and off as my health permits I have been working on my new game Alien Cookbook (The aliens are on the way and Humanity is on the menu). It is a space conquest game (not a simulation) that has 200 stars and 11 computer players and one human player. As of now it only has stars and ships. Next I plan on adding starbases for defense. It is a very simple game much in the style of Risk.

During the last few days I have totally replaced the AI with a better AI. Before that I won 19 out of 20 games, with much difficulty, even when starting from an inferior position. In my first game against the new AI I had a way better than average starting position and was very easily defeated. In the screen capture, that is me in the upper righthand corner or rather what is left of me.

The game is still very early in its development. It only has rudimentary graphics and no blood curdling sound effects like, 'The aliens, they ate my baby', lol, or even a game panel popup. Anyway, it is very playable and it does save the game on exit or by using the 's' key. Here is a download link for the exe, font and readme.

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EDIT: I had created a divide by zero bug that has now been corrected.
Use this link instead.
I did a test download and it works.

And the reason for this post is that one of my next goals is to embed a jit compiler that can load AI files for each of the computer players. My hope is that authors would like to participate in such a project for fun and for competition! I have never coded for an embeddable jit compiler before. So I could use some advice about which embeddable jit compiler to use. Alien Cookbook is written in C++ as a better C using MSVC 2019 community edition.

Also my hope is that some of you will try playing Alien Cookbook and provide opinions (positive or negative), suggestions or anything at all. Especially about the development direction it should head in.

Screenshot of Alien Cookbook
Screenshot of Alien Cookbook
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Rémi Coulom
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Re: My game Alien Cookbook

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing your game. I'll take a look later.

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