Future of AI in video games

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Future of AI in video games

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Hello everyone, thank you for accepting my request to join this forum. I am a master's student in Berlin and I am currently doing my capstone project(thesis) on Ai and ML in gaming. I am currently trying to create a questionnaire to test my theory that AI will take over the gaming world in a bigger,better way than we humans expect. In order to so do, I must ask everyone on this forum for your help to add anything further that may help me with my topic.

I have covered the following:

AI,ML,deep learning, Big data. And their various types.
Examples of ai like deepmind and OpenAI
NPC and procedural content generation
Game examples like alphago etc. And also use of AI in rocket league for example.

Would be great to get any further links or inputs on this topic that I may not have covered in my list.

Hope to hear from you all soon on this thread and thanks in advance! :D
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