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ホーム / アムステルダム 2007 / Call for Participation

Call for Participation



The 15th World Computer-Chess Championship and the 12th Computer Olympiad will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in conjunction with the Computer Games Workshop 2007 (CGW2007).

IBM, SARA Computing and Networking Services and NCF (Foundation of National Computing Facilities) are enabling the organization of the Computer Games Workshop 2007 (CGW2007) (15-17 June 2007), the 15th World Computer-Chess Championship (WCCC) (11-18 June) and the 12th Computer Olympiad (CO) (11-18 June) to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Location: CGW2007 (The Turing hall - Z011), WCCC (Eulerzaal – Z009) and Computer Olympiad (Eulerzaal – Z010), Science Park Amsterdam, Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam.

The start of the event will be in conjunction with the official inauguration of the new Dutch National Supercomputer, which will take place on June 13. The mayor of Amsterdam, Dr. Job Cohen, will attend the starting meeting.

Below we mention 28 different games for which a program can be submitted to the Olympiad.

Abalone Gipf
Amazons Go
Arimaa 9x9 Go
Backgammon Hex
Bao Kriegspiel
Bridge Lines of Action
Chinese Chess OCTI
Clobber Othello
Computational Pool Poker
Connect6 Phantom Go
Diplomacy Renju
Dominoes Scrabble
Dots and Boxes Shogi
10x10 Draughts Surakarta


The game of Renju, claimed to be solved, is still welcome since we have not seen a fully-operational program on internet that plays perfectly. Moreover, we are willing to host more games, such as Ataxx, Dvonn, Mediocrity, Onyx, Tamsk, TwixT and Zèrtz but we do not know of the existence of adequately playing programs. We are awaiting suggestions and proposals of programmers before we include them in the official list given above.

For each game a tournament will take place provided that at least two programs enter the tournament for that particular game. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the leading programs in each tournament.

The Tournament Director of the WCCC and Computer Olympiad will be: H.J. van den Herik.

The rules of the WCCC and Computer Olympiad will be soon published.

The entry fees for the WCCC are as follows:

Amateur: € 25
Semi-professional: € 250
Professional: € 500

The entry fees for the other tournaments are as follows:

Amateur: € 25
Semi-professional: € 100
Professional: € 250

A participant is expected to be ICGA member (€ 40).

Deadline early registration: May 23, 2007. Any entry received after May 23, 2007 will be subject to a penalty fee (15 euros). Any entry received after June 1, 2007 will be subject to a penalty fee, doubling the above fee.

"Amateur": programmers who have no commercial interest in their program, and are not professional game programmers. Applications for amateur classification must supply information to justify their claim.

"Semi-professional": Any program submitted by an employee or associate from a games-programming company. The program's name must not be derived from or similar to a commercial product.

"Professional": A program whose name is the same as or derived from a commercial product.

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