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Bulletin Day 5 WCCC

This was by far the busiest day of the WCCC + Computer Olympiad, since most of the Olympiad games were played or finished today. We therefore give for the chess rounds only the results and a few comments.

Round 7

All five top-ranked programs made no mistake in this round. Rybka with White defeated The Baron, Zappa (White) won from IsiChess, Shredder (White) from Diep, Deep Sjeng (Black) from The King, and GridChess (White) from MicroMax. So the differences between the top-5 didn't change. The remaining game (Loop - Jonny) was a win for White.

Round 8

MicroMax - Jonny was an easy win for Black. The same holds for IsiChess - Loop (easy win for Black). Next Diep (with White) won, with some more struggle, from The King. Then an upset occurred in the game GridChess - Shredder. After only 30 moves GridChess was clearly better, then outplaying Shredder in merely another 10 moves! This means that Shredder probably is out of the race for this year's title. Rybka (with Black against Deep Sjeng) made no mistake. Although it also was clearly better after 30 moves, it however took another 35 moves to win the game. The game The Baron - Zappa was an extremely long game. Although Zappa was slightly better since move 35, no real progress was being made for 100 moves! Then the score became drawish, and Zappa's operator even considered to offer a draw. However, suddenly (time trouble?) The Baron began to play bad moves, and Zappa won in 15 more moves!

The score after round 8 now is: 1. Rybka (7 out of 8); 2. Zappa (6.5); 3. GridChess (6); 4-6. Shredder, Loop, and Deep Sjeng (5)

Computer Olympiad

For the Olympiad we give the medallists for the games finished today (or earlier, in case of 9 * 9 Go):


  1. Bgblitz
  2. GNU Backgammon
  3. McGammon

Chinese Chess

  1. NeuChess (7.5 out of 8)
  2. Shiga (4.5 out of 8; wins the play-off)
  3. XieXie (4.5 out of 8)


  1. X6 (10 out of 12)
  2. MeinStein (9 out of 12)
  3. Kavalan (5 out of 12)


  1. Dam 2.2 (17 out of 12)
  2. TDKing (15 out of 12)
  3. Sjende Blyn (14 out of 12)

Go 9 * 9

  1. Steenvreter (16 out of 18)
  2. MoGo (15 out of 18; wins the play-off)
  3. CrazyStone (15 out of 18)


  1. SIA (6 out of 6)
  2. Incognito (0 out of 6)

2007-06-16 15:34:19, Amsterdam