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Bulletin Day 7 WCCC

Round 11

In the last round that will decide on the 15th World Computer Chess Championship, the first game to finish was between the two bottom-ranked programs: The King vs. MicroMax. The King outwiped MicroMax easily, showing that it deserved more than the disappointing 11th rank. For MicroMax, with 0 out of 11 points, this tournament still was not really a disappointment. Harm-Geert Muller entered his program not in order to have a good result, but with the aim to show that it is possible to build a really small program still playing chess at a reasonable level. This aim was achieved convincingly at this tournament.

The second game to finish was IsiChess - The Baron. Although IsiChess looked better in the middle game, The Baron stronly playerd the endgame and won a piece. The end then was simple: 0-1.

In the third game to finish, Loop - Diep, Loop played a nice game. It overpowered Diep, creating all kinds of mating threats and forcing Diep to give up the Queen. Diep resigned shortly after.

The fourth game decided was Jonny - Deep Sjeng. It resulted in a draw. So only two games in progress, both of importance for the title.

But then Rybka won the game (with White) against Shredder. It played a very sharp Sicilian line, giving three pawns for a strong attack. This 25-moves book line was especially prepared by Jeroen Noomen, and proved its success: when all complications were gone again, Rybka had a won game. It took another 30 moves before Stefan-Meyer Kahlen resigned for Shredder. This means that Rybka is the new World Computer Chess Champion, with the fantastic score of 10 out of 11. Congratulations!

The last game between Zappa and GridChess was a real fight. The programs builded a closed position and both programs didn't find a way out. So they struggled and struggled, without making any progress. When it looked that time would decide the game, Zappa all at once found a winning move, and after 10 more moves it was over.

Computer Olympiad

For two games the final results are still missing. Yesterday late, Amazons was decided. For Shogi, the top two programs, Reiki and Tacos, were really close. After the normal round both tied first with 3 out of 4. Two play-off games didn't give a decision, and after two more play-off games they still tied. So a final game had to played. A coin decided that Reiki might move first. The result: Reiki - Tacos: 0-1.

So the last medallists of the Olympiad


  1. 8 Queens problem (8 out of 8)
  2. Campya (0 out of 8)


  1. Tacos (3 out of 4; Tacos wins the 5th play-off game)
  2. Reiki (3 out of 4)
  3. HIT+SS (`0 out of 4)

2007-06-18 10:25:42, Amsterdam