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Dragon (Chess, fr)


Bruno Lucasengine programmer


DragonChess, 1997, Paris343.011


Description given in 1997:

Dragon is a brute force program. Dragon divides the tree search in two phases: full search and quiescence search (captures, promotions and check for the first level of quiescence). The algorithm is the PVS with iterative deepening. It uses most of the known standard heuristics : killer moves, history moves, transposition table, null move and selective deepening. Dragon can recognize draw by repetition and apply 50-move rule. It can think on the opponent's time. Dragon uses a small opening book but with a variety of lines. The evaluation function examines the pawn structure (it uses the bitboard for the pawns), the position of the pieces(King's security, central control, King tropism, outposts, ...). Dragon can read, save the game in PGN format and the position in FEN format. It can be interfaced with xboard/winboard.

My future goals it's to become selective and to be able to build plan.