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Marc-Fran├žois Baudotengine programmer
Jean-Christophe Weillengine programmer
Jean-Luc Seret
Michel Gondran


Chess, 1995, Shatin243.55


Description given in 1995:

Frenchess is a parallel chess program which runs on a CRAY T3D computer (128 Alpha processors, owned by the Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique located in Grenoble, France). It is written in C and is based on the parallel algorithm described by Jean Christophe Weill in his PhD thesis: Alpha-Beta Distribue Avec Droit d'Ainesse (ABDADA). The evaluation relies mostly on an Oracle approach, which introduces strategy and is designed to be rewritten in the CHEVAL (CHess EVAluation Language) evaluation function description language currently under development (but CHEVAL will probably not be ready for the World Championships). Frenchess is written with the support of the "Direction des Etudes et Recherches (DER) d'Electrique de France (EDF)" as a research project on parallel computing.