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David Kittingerengine programmer


Chess, 1995, Shatin243.05


Description given in 1995:

WChess received world-wide attention after it scored 5 out of 6 against some of the strongest American grandmasters in the Intel Harvard Cup Man v Machine tournament held in October 1994. The program consolidated its position as one of the top micro-computer chess programs by winning the 1994 Uniform Platform Computer Chess Tournament held in London. WChess uses an iterative, depth first alpha-beta search with forward pruning and a tactical swap-off evaluation to limit the growth of the search tree. The evaluator is somewhat primitive and is not currently as dynamic as the author would like. Positional information is communicated to the search mainly by piece value tables. The current version of the program only implements end game databases for KPK although the author is looking into adding more databases.