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Ulf Lorenzengine programmer
Heiner Matthiasbook author


Chess, 1999, Paderborn303.07


Description given in 1999:

P.ConNerS stands for 'Parallel Controlled Conspiracy Number Search'. It has been written by Ulf Lorenz, who is a member of Prof. Dr. Burkhard Monien's research group at the University of Paderborn. U. Lorenz mainly works on the research fields of domain independent selective search in game trees, and on the field of efficient parallel algorithms for optimization problems.

P.ConNerS uses a variant of the so called 'Controlled Conspiracy Number Search' algorithm. As a result it examines highly selective and irregular game trees. Evaluations are done by the help of depth 2 alphabeta searches.

When it runs on a parallel machine with 60 Pentium 300 MHz processors, P.ConNerS reaches a rate of about 1.2 million nodes per second.

In February 1999 it won the 8th International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship.