ICGA Tournaments

Tournaments between computer programs: chess, draughts, checkers, Go, backgammon, and more

Beijing 2008, Connect6, Games

Round 11NCTU6-Lite 1 Bitstronger (Connect6)1
2Kavalan1 Bead Connect and Chess Combine1
3NEU6Star 1 Dream 61
4NEUConn62 ML0
5NTNU C61 CV61
Round 21Bitstronger (Connect6)2 CV60
3Dream 60 NEUConn62
4Bead Connect and Chess Combine1.5 NEU6Star 0.5
5NCTU6-Lite 2 Kavalan0
Round 31Kavalan0 Bitstronger (Connect6)2
2NEU6Star 0 NCTU6-Lite 2
3NEUConn62 Bead Connect and Chess Combine0
4NTNU C60 Dream 62
5CV61 ML1
Round 41Bitstronger (Connect6)1 ML1
2Dream 60 CV62
3Bead Connect and Chess Combine1.5 NTNU C60.5
4NCTU6-Lite 2 NEUConn60
5Kavalan0.5 NEU6Star 1.5
Round 51NEU6Star 0 Bitstronger (Connect6)2
2NEUConn61 Kavalan1
3NTNU C60 NCTU6-Lite 2
4CV60.5 Bead Connect and Chess Combine1.5
5ML2 Dream 60
Round 61Bitstronger (Connect6)2 Dream 60
2Bead Connect and Chess Combine1.5 ML0.5
3NCTU6-Lite 2 CV60
4Kavalan1.5 NTNU C60.5
5NEU6Star 0 NEUConn62
Round 71NEUConn60 Bitstronger (Connect6)2
2NTNU C60 NEU6Star 2
3CV61 Kavalan1
4ML0 NCTU6-Lite 2
5Dream 60 Bead Connect and Chess Combine2
Round 81Bitstronger (Connect6)2 Bead Connect and Chess Combine0
2NCTU6-Lite 2 Dream 60
3Kavalan2 ML0
4NEU6Star 2 CV60
5NEUConn62 NTNU C60
Round 91NTNU C60 Bitstronger (Connect6)2
2CV60 NEUConn62
3ML1 NEU6Star 1
4Dream 61 Kavalan1
5Bead Connect and Chess Combine0 NCTU6-Lite 2