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Lyon 1990, Chess, Games

Round 11The King1 Patzer0 ViewDownload
2Nest0 Cumulus1 ViewDownload
3Mephisto1 Check Check0 ViewDownload
4Échec 1.90.5 Gideon0.5 ViewDownload
5Delta1 Nightmare (D)0 ViewDownload
6Chess Simulator1 BB0 ViewDownload
Round 21Chess Simulator0 The King1 ViewDownload
2Check Check1 Nest0 ViewDownload
3Patzer0.5 BB0.5 ViewDownload
4Gideon1 Delta0 ViewDownload
5Nightmare (D)0.5 Échec 1.90.5 ViewDownload
6Cumulus0 Mephisto1 ViewDownload
Round 31Cumulus0 Gideon1 ViewDownload
2Échec 1.91 Chess Simulator0 ViewDownload
3Mephisto1 The King0 ViewDownload
4Delta0 Check Check1 ViewDownload
5Nest0 Patzer1 ViewDownload
6BB0 Nightmare (D)1 ViewDownload
Round 41The King0 Échec 1.91 ViewDownload
2Nightmare (D)0.5 Cumulus0.5 ViewDownload
3Gideon0 Mephisto1 ViewDownload
4Delta0 Chess Simulator1 ViewDownload
5BB0.5 Nest0.5 ViewDownload
6Check Check0.5 Patzer0.5 ViewDownload
Round 51Check Check0 Gideon1 ViewDownload
2Patzer1 Chess Simulator0 ViewDownload
3Mephisto0.5 Échec 1.90.5 ViewDownload
4Nest0.5 Delta0.5 ViewDownload
5The King1 Nightmare (D)0 ViewDownload
6Cumulus0 BB1 ViewDownload
Round 61Nightmare (D)0.5 Nest0.5 ViewDownload
2BB1 Delta0 ViewDownload
3Patzer0 Mephisto1 ViewDownload
4Gideon1 The King0 ViewDownload
5Échec 1.91 Check Check0 ViewDownload
6Chess Simulator1 Cumulus0 ViewDownload
Round 71Cumulus1 Delta0 ViewDownload
2Check Check1 Nightmare (D)0 ViewDownload
3Échec 1.91 BB0 ViewDownload
4Mephisto1 Chess Simulator0 ViewDownload
5Patzer0 Gideon1 ViewDownload
6The King1 Nest0 ViewDownload