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Chess Guru


Joël Rivatengine programmer


Chess, 1997, Paris346.011
Chess (Blitz), 1997, Paris226.5
Chess, 1990, London111.07


Description given in 1997:

A first Chess program was written by C. MARCHE, G. LE BLANC, and J. RIVAT in 1990. With this experience, J. RIVAT rewrote everything using bitboards. After Robert Hyatt started using bitboards too, long discussions on ics and sharing new ideas permitted to improve considerably the technique.

Chess Guru is a 64 bits intensive program and performs poorly on 32 bits computers. The search algorithm is using PVS with nullmove, Extended Transposition Table, Refutation Table, Internal Iterative Deepening, several classical extensions schemes (like incheck extension, recaptures). The evaluation includes development, mobility, pawn structure and king safety.