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Amir Banengine programmer
Shay Bushinskyengine programmer
Alon Greenfeldbook author


チェス, 2013, 横浜World Computer Chess Champion67.510
チェス (Software), 2013, 横浜二位66.510
チェス, 2011, ティルブルフWorld Computer Chess Champion96.08
チェス (Software), 2011, ティルブルフ55.08
チェス (Blitz), 2011, ティルブルフ64.5
Deep Juniorチェス, 2010, 金沢104.09
Deep Juniorチェス (Software), 2010, 金沢95.08
チェス, 2009, パンプローナWorld Computer Chess Champion106.59
チェス, 2008, 北京二位106.09
チェス (Blitz), 2008, 北京104.59
チェス, 2006, トリノWorld Computer Chess Champion189.011
チェス (Blitz), 2006, トリノ148.013
チェス, 2005, レイキャビック126.511
チェス (Blitz), 2005, レイキャビック84.57
Deep Juniorチェス, 2004, ラマット・ガンWorld Computer Chess Champion149.011
チェス (Blitz), 2004, ラマット・ガン84.07
Deep Juniorチェス, 2003, グラーツ169.011
チェス (Blitz), 2003, グラーツ96.08
Deep Juniorチェス, 2002, マーストリヒトWorld Computer Chess Champion187.59
チェス (Blitz), 2002, マーストリヒト125.09
Deep Juniorチェス, 2001, マーストリヒトWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion188.09
Deep Juniorチェス (Blitz), 2001, マーストリヒト145.09
チェス, 2000, ロンドン145.59
チェス (Blitz), 2000, ロンドン106.09
チェス, 1999, パーダーボルン304.57
チェス, 1997, パリWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion349.511
チェス (Blitz), 1997, パリ228.0
チェス, 1995, パーダーボルン346.511
チェス, 1995, シャーティン243.55


Description given in 1995:

Junior is a leading Israeli chess playing PC program. It was developed as a hobby by Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky. Junior's breakthrough occurred during August 1994: The program scored a remarkable equal fourth place (with GM Alon Greenfeld) in the Kfar-Saba Open national chess tournament. The games were conducted under normal tournament time control. In the final round, Junior amazingly defeated GM Leonid Gopstein. During November 1994, Junior participated in the strongest international blitz tournament ever held in Israel. It beat GM Ilya Smirin and drew with GM Lev Psakhis and GM Alon Greenfeld. Amongst others, Junior reached a completely won position against GM Judit Polgar. Since then Junior has established itself as a well respected player in the Israeli chess scene and is the one and only software selected to play in Israel's national chess league. Junior is one of the top chess playing programs on the Internet Chess Server.