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Victor Vikhrevengine programmer
Alexey Manjakhin


Chess, 1999, Paderborn302.07
Chess, 1996, Jakarta276.011
Centaur-MChess, 1995, Paderborn345.011
Chess, 1993, Munich284.09
Chess, 1992, Madrid222.05
Chess, 1991, Vancouver151.07
Chess, 1989, Edmonton240.05


Description given in 1999:

Centaur is a highly selective program, originated from Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. It is a completely unique program. Despite the lighting speed of its hardware it only examines about 500 positions per second. Centaur has a raiting of 2,266 at AEGON97.

Centaur uses 5 values for estimation of chess position (one realistic, two pessimistic and two optimistic). All 5 values of a position are saved in memory of computer and are used for choise of direction of investigation of position.

Last modification of Centaur uses some code units from program Mirage, which is made in Russia. Principles of Centaur are described in ICCA Joural 1996, 2.