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Munjong Kollsengine programmer
Muntsin Kollsengine programmer


Chess, 2006, Turin186.011
Chess (Blitz), 2006, TurinWorld Computer Speed-Chess Champion1411.013
Chess, 2002, Maastricht184.59
Chess (Blitz), 2002, Maastricht125.09
Chess, 1999, Paderborn302.07


Description given in 1999:

Development of Ikarus started in January 1997 when our previous program, named "BasicChess", reached the 64kb memory limit of Borland Pascal 7.0 and its source code had grown completely cryptic. The 32-bit language Borland Delphi 2.0 allowed us to finally use hash tables and the next year or so saw us implement a graphical user interface and most of the usual standard search heuristics (null move pruning, history heuristic, search extensions etc.) as well as some advanced data structures such as a pawn- king hash table.

From March 1998 on a Winboard-compatible version has been autoplaying a variety of computer opponents. Ikarus also got a new hand-crafted opening book. Over Christmas 1998 we added support for the endgame databases created by Eugene Nalimov; so our program contains a port of the probing code provided by the author.