ICGA Tournaments

Tournaments between computer programs: chess, draughts, checkers, Go, backgammon, and more

Amsterdam 2007, Chess, Games

Round 11The Baron1 micro-Max0 ViewDownload
2Deep Sjeng0.5 IsiChess0.5 ViewDownload
3Diep0 Jonny1 ViewDownload
4GridChess0.5 Loop0.5 ViewDownload
5Shredder0.5 Zappa0.5 ViewDownload
6The King0 Rybka1 ViewDownload
Round 21micro-Max0 Rybka1 ViewDownload
2Zappa1 The King0 ViewDownload
3Loop0 Shredder1 ViewDownload
4Jonny0 GridChess1 ViewDownload
5IsiChess0.5 Diep0.5 ViewDownload
6The Baron0 Deep Sjeng1 ViewDownload
Round 31Deep Sjeng1 micro-Max0 ViewDownload
2Diep1 The Baron0 ViewDownload
3GridChess0.5 IsiChess0.5 ViewDownload
4Shredder0.5 Jonny0.5 ViewDownload
5The King0 Loop1 ViewDownload
6Rybka0.5 Zappa0.5 ViewDownload
Round 41micro-Max0 Zappa1 ViewDownload
2Loop0.5 Rybka0.5 ViewDownload
3Jonny1 The King0 ViewDownload
4IsiChess0 Shredder1 ViewDownload
5The Baron0 GridChess1 ViewDownload
6Deep Sjeng0.5 Diep0.5 ViewDownload
Round 51Diep1 micro-Max0 ViewDownload
2GridChess0.5 Deep Sjeng0.5 ViewDownload
3Shredder0.5 The Baron0.5 ViewDownload
4The King0.5 IsiChess0.5 ViewDownload
5Rybka1 Jonny0 ViewDownload
6Zappa1 Loop0 ViewDownload
Round 61micro-Max0 Loop1 ViewDownload
2Jonny0.5 Zappa0.5 ViewDownload
3IsiChess0 Rybka1 ViewDownload
4The Baron0 The King1 ViewDownload
5Deep Sjeng0.5 Shredder0.5 ViewDownload
6Diep0.5 GridChess0.5 ViewDownload
Round 71GridChess1 micro-Max0 ViewDownload
2Shredder1 Diep0 ViewDownload
3The King0 Deep Sjeng1 ViewDownload
4Rybka1 The Baron0 ViewDownload
5Zappa1 IsiChess0 ViewDownload
6Loop1 Jonny0 ViewDownload
Round 81micro-Max0 Jonny1 ViewDownload
2IsiChess0 Loop1 ViewDownload
3The Baron0 Zappa1 ViewDownload
4Deep Sjeng0 Rybka1 ViewDownload
5Diep1 The King0 ViewDownload
6GridChess1 Shredder0 ViewDownload
Round 91Shredder1 micro-Max0 ViewDownload
2The King0 GridChess1 ViewDownload
3Rybka1 Diep0 ViewDownload
4Zappa0.5 Deep Sjeng0.5 ViewDownload
5Loop0.5 The Baron0.5 ViewDownload
6Jonny0.5 IsiChess0.5 ViewDownload
Round 101micro-Max0 IsiChess1 ViewDownload
2The Baron1 Jonny0 ViewDownload
3Deep Sjeng0 Loop1 ViewDownload
4Diep0 Zappa1 ViewDownload
5GridChess0 Rybka1 ViewDownload
6Shredder1 The King0 ViewDownload
Round 111The King1 micro-Max0 ViewDownload
2Rybka1 Shredder0 ViewDownload
3Zappa1 GridChess0 ViewDownload
4Loop1 Diep0 ViewDownload
5Jonny0.5 Deep Sjeng0.5 ViewDownload
6IsiChess0 The Baron1 ViewDownload