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Ed Schröderengine programmer
Jan Louwman


Chess, 2001, Maastricht185.09
Chess (Blitz), 2001, Maastricht146.09
Chess, 2000, London146.09
Chess (Blitz), 2000, London102.59
Chess, 1999, Paderborn304.57
Chess, 1995, Shatin243.05
Chess, 1990, LondonSilver medal116.07
Chess, 1989, Portorož95.57
Chess, 1989, LondonGold medal97.58
Rebel XChess, 1989, Edmonton242.05
Chess (Software), 1988, Almeria73.06
Recom Deventer CChess, 1986, Dallas143.57
Recom Deventer BChess, 1986, Dallas143.57
Recom Deventer AChess, 1986, Dallas144.07
Chess, 1986, Cologne223.05
Chess (Amateur), 1985, Amsterdam54.07


Description given in 1999:

REBEL BV is a Dutch chess software developing company completely devoted to chess since 1985. In that remarkable year (1985) our first commercial chess program named REBEL 5.0 was released by Mephisto Hegener & Glaser, Munich, Germany in a stand-alone (dedicated) chess computer.

Since 1994 we produce top chess software for PC distributed by a worldwide dealer network in more than 30 countries.

What is Rebel?

  • Rebel is one of the strongest and most complete chess programs in the world.
  • Rebel is famous for its playing strength but especially for its deep positional understanding.
  • Therefore the quality of the returned analysis is simply high and mostly very reliable what makes Rebel not only play good against humans but also against other computer opponents.
  • Rebel is not a chess product with bells and whistles which you turn off once you have seen them, Rebel is for the serious and professional chess player who wants the best.
  • Rebel is known for being very user friendly, you hardly need the manual.
  • For first time users Rebel is easy to understand. Within Rebel 10.0 you can even choose three modes to operate Rebel (novice, intermediate and expert).
  • Rebel is famous for its build-in database with dazzling possibilities.
  • The latest version of Rebel is always released including a big opening book with the latest opening theory.
  • The Rebel 10.0 book contains more than (hand typed) 1,500,000 opening positions developed through a period of over 8 years.
  • Rebel has many analysis options to analyze your own (or grandmaster) games or favorite positions. Rebel will show you the places in games where mistakes are made.
  • Rebel also is known for many unique extra useful features not found in other chess software.
  • Rebel is not only a very complete chess program but also a complete chess product as we also sell additional DATA cdrom's with over 1 million chess games, a chess tree (and opening) book of more then 50 million unique positions (REBEL EOC), an opening book cdrom with more than 12 million opening moves (Rebel Gold), Rebel BONUS the data and utility cdrom.