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Richard Langengine programmer


Mephisto XChess, 1991, Vancouver155.07
Chess, 1990, LondonGold medal117.07
Chess, 1990, LyonWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion126.57
Mephisto XChess, 1989, Portoro┼żWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion96.58
Chess, 1989, LondonSilver medal96.58
Mephisto XChess, 1989, Edmonton243.55
Mephisto AlmeriaChess (Software), 1988, AlmeriaWorld Micro Software Champion76.06
Mephisto 1Chess (Manufacturers), 1988, Almeria85.08
Mephisto 2Chess (Manufacturers), 1988, Almeria83.58
Mephisto 3Chess (Manufacturers), 1988, Almeria84.08
Mephisto 4Chess (Manufacturers), 1988, AlmeriaWorld Micro Manufacturers (Team) Champion86.58
Chess (Commercial), 1988, AlmeriaSingle-CPU World Microcomputer Chess Champion39.011
Mephisto Roma CChess (Manufacturers), 1987, RomeWorld Micro Manufacturers (Team) Champion63.03
Mephisto Roma BChess (Manufacturers), 1987, RomeWorld Micro Manufacturers (Team) Champion63.03
Mephisto Roma AChess (Manufacturers), 1987, RomeWorld Micro Manufacturers (Team) Champion63.03
Mephisto 3Chess, 1986, DallasWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion146.07
Mephisto 1Chess, 1986, Dallas144.57
Mephisto 2Chess, 1986, Dallas145.07
Mephisto XChess, 1986, Cologne223.05
Mephisto Amsterdam 1Chess, 1985, AmsterdamWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion168.08
Mephisto Amsterdam 2Chess, 1985, Amsterdam167.08
Mephisto Amsterdam 3Chess, 1985, Amsterdam167.08


Description given in 1988:
Besides the World Micro Software Champion title, Mephisto Almeria won the World Micro Absolute Champion title as well.