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Membros da equipa

Stefan Meyer-Kahlenengine programmer
Sandro Necchibook author


Chess, 2015, Leiden94.58
Chess (Software), 2015, Leiden85.07
Chess (Blitz), 2015, LeidenSecond Place86.07
Chess, 2013, Yokohama64.510
Chess (Software), 2013, Yokohama64.510
Chess (Blitz), 2013, YokohamaWorld Computer Speed-Chess Champion44.53
Chess, 2011, TilburgSecond Place95.58
Chess (Software), 2011, Tilburg53.08
Chess (Blitz), 2011, TilburgSecond Place67.0
Chess, 2010, KanazawaThird Place106.09
Chess (Software), 2010, Kanazawa97.08
Chess, 2009, PamplonaWorld Computer Chess Champion106.59
Chess (no hardware limit), 2009, PamplonaSilver medal64.05
Chess (Blitz), 2009, Pamplona96.58
Chess, 2008, Beijing104.59
Chess (Blitz), 2008, Beijing106.09
Chess, 2007, AmsterdamThird Place127.011
Chess (Blitz), 2007, AmsterdamWorld Computer Speed-Chess Champion86.07
Chess, 2006, Turin188.511
Chess (Blitz), 2006, Turin149.513
Chess, 2005, Reykjavík127.511
Chess (Fischer Random), 2005, ReykjavíkWinner52.54
Chess (Blitz), 2005, ReykjavíkWorld Computer Speed-Chess Champion86.07
Chess, 2004, Ramat-Gan148.511
Chess (Blitz), 2004, Ramat-GanWorld Computer Speed-Chess Champion85.57
Chess, 2003, GrazWorld Computer Chess Champion169.511
Chess (Blitz), 2003, GrazWorld Computer Speed-Chess Champion97.08
Chess, 2002, Maastricht187.59
Chess (Blitz), 2002, MaastrichtWorld Computer Speed-Chess Champion128.09
Chess, 2001, MaastrichtSingle-CPU World Microcomputer Chess Champion186.09
Chess (Blitz), 2001, Maastricht145.59
Chess, 2000, LondonWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion147.09
Chess (Blitz), 2000, London105.59
Chess, 1999, PaderbornWorld Computer Chess Champion305.57
Shredder 2.0Chess, 1997, Paris347.511
Chess (Blitz), 1997, Paris228.5
Chess, 1996, JakartaWorld Microcomputer Chess Champion279.011
Chess (Blitz), 1996, Jakarta5
Chess, 1995, Paderborn346.011


Description given in 1999:

Shredder has started in 1995 as a project at university. Good tournament and test results encouraged me to spend more work in it and lead to the winning of the 1996 WMCCC in Jakarta. Shredder has been commercially available since then and continued to perform very well in computer chess championships. It was 3rd in Paris 1997 and managed to finish as the runner up in the blitz championship there. Shredder is written in ANSI-C and therefore it can easily compiled on various hardware platforms. I think Shredder has good chances in Paderborn this year because it is one of the strongest computer chess programs running on an micro around.